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Full cd’s:Anouk - Hotel New YorkAnouk - Graduated FoolCandy Dulfer - “Saxy Mood”Total Touch “Total Touch” and “This Way”Trijntje Oosterhuis - “For Once In My Live” - “Trijntje Oosterhuis”, Eddy Zoëy - “Succes Jongen”Roel Essenboom - “Vuur”Hips - “Hips First” & ”The Bigger The Better” Replay - “Schaakmat”Mo Jones, Joeri Fransen, Meg, Do, Alain ClarkOther:-Clouseau,  Deante.-TV/Radio commercials (Coca Cola,…) , TV tunes for many game shows and news 


Anouk, Anastacia, Soulvation, Blowbeat, Candy Dulfer, Hans Dulfer, Tower Of Power, Marcus Miller, Eric Bennet, Rashaan Patterson, Jocelyn Brown, Wynton Marsalis, Martha Witney, Lyn Collins, Loïs Lane, Total Touch, Trijntje Oosterhuis, Hips, Dilana Smith , Ferry Van Leeuwen, Eddy Zoëy, Roel Essenboom, Swinging Soul Machine, Sue Chaloner’s Soul Train, Trijntje Oosterhuis, René Froger, Marlayne, Cool Collective, Carlo De Wijs, Lucretia, Natalia & Pointer Sisters, Voice Vlaanderen Band


Leendert Haaksma (1971) started playing classical guitar at the age of 8, but soon discovered the wonders of being amplified. Already at a very young age he devotes much of his free time (and school time for that matters) to playing ‘electric’, joining several band and performing on stage all over the country.Leendert received his formal education at the Rotterdam Conservatory, studying Pop and Jazz Guitar. During these 6 years he is invited to play with many established musicians and he becomes one of the most respected and well-known players in the Dutch pop and rock scene. After his graduation (with honours) Leendert soon embarks on several European tours with well-known artists. A few years later, his old Conservatory in Rotterdam offers him  a teaching position which he wholeheartedly accepted.At the present, he combines his job at the Pop Faculty in Rotterdam with frequent studio sessions, television, radio promotion and live shows with his current band Anouk. Leendert is famous for creating different sounds using all kinds of effect units and stomp boxes. As a talented amp customizer and designer, he helps many guitar and bass players in their quest for the perfect sound…


Next to being a guitar player Leendert Haaksma is the designer and founder of the highly acclaimed  HOOK amps.
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